A snow trip brings forth some new Transformers

We had to do a little grocery shopping, so we went to Grocery Outlet.  Never being there before, I did not know what to expect.  Well, they have a toy section… and better yet, they had Transformers… and better yet, they were for a REALLY good price.   The figures were from Revenge of the Fallen.  A ways back, but I did find one I did not have, Brawn.

So, after buying him, and playing with him overnight, I knew it was a good time for my first ever snow photo shoot.  Of course, since I don’t live in the snow, it is a bit hard to have snow photo shoots, but this was a lot of fun to do.

Brawn is on Snow Patrol looking for trouble.

Looks like Brawn has found himself some trouble.

Brawn is neck deep in the snow, waiting to spring his trap with his back-mounted gun.

I also took pictures last night after I got home for any of you that were like me and did not get to see Brawn before.  Here are the studio pictures:

Face Close-Up

Two Handguns

Tough SUV


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