For Months I have been waiting…

Finally I have Tomahawk in hand, pictures are taken, and up for you to see.

Heavy Firepower

Tough stance on fold-up landing gear.

Missile launchers attach with post or 'c' anchors that are running through a lot of figures as of late.

Missile launchers attached to tail with alternate attchments.

Love the fighter pilot looking head.

He always looses Paper, Rock, Scissors since he always does scissors. 🙂

Missile launchers mounted to arms.

This is a good figure.  I am not too keen on the helicopter blades only folding into a ‘v’.  I would have liked them to fold up more.  Good colors to give him a nice tough look.  Definitely has a Decepticon vibe to him with all of the black, but no purple, so he must be a good guy.  😉

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