Wave 4 & 5 of the Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Wave 4 due out soon is a bit of a letdown.   They have to make their money with re-paints I know.

The top left pair is a repaint from way back.  This time they are called Steelshot and Beacon.  What an absolutely terrible pairing.   Sticking off the top with a hook?   Um, no thanks.

Next to him is Icepick and Chainclaw.  They did not even repaint these guys.   Just threw them in with the new wave.   Won’t need to get him, but he is a good figure none the less.

Bottom left is Heavytread and Groundspike.   Now that is how figures are supposed to fit together.   In vehicle mode, Groundspike makes for a giant claw, and in robot mode, he is a nasty pair of blades.

Finally we have Skyhammer and Airlift.   A good pairing.  Airlift is a repaint, but works pretty well with Skyhammer.   Too bad his legs stick so far into the air.


Wave 5 only gives us one new figure:

Skyhammer and Airlift as well as Heavytread and Groundspike make a reappearance here, with a new paint job.  This marks the first time that a figure gets repainted but keeps the same name in the PCC line.

We also get Salvage with Bombburst.  I did not like the monster truck the first time around, and I still don’t like him this time.

Finally the new figure, Undertow and Waterlog.   I think I would feel pretty sad if they called me Waterlog.  Being little and having a negative name would give a guy a complex.  🙂

Off to the stores later for a little Thursday shopping. Wish me luck!!!


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