Transformers: Animated (Toys R Us Exclusives) Rodimus Minor and Ironhide

The show has been gone for a while here in the states, but there are still Transformers: Animated figures hitting the stores.  Apparently in Japan, these figures are still big news.

For your viewing pleasure, I bring you a double shot right from Cybertron.

Cybertronian Mode Ironhide:

Nice standard figure.  A re-paint and new head from the Ratchet that came out before.  Ironically I never did pick up the Ratchet.  Probably because there are a bunch of them warming the pegs at my local TRUs.

They know how to build an SUV on Cybertron don’t they?   The tread arms are movable, but he can only  roll on little wheels on the bottom of each arm.

Nice sporty stance.   I like how the fist covers fit onto the back of the vehicle.   It is pretty empty back there without them.

A futuristic camper shell on a pick-up truck?  I think so.


Rodimus Minor:

Hot Rod made a big showing in Transformers: The Movie (You know, the animated one made so long ago).   He had to be the one to step-up and help out when no one else could.  Now as a fan of “teams” this made me really like Hot Rod.   He has always been a favorite of mine.

A big rear fin, giant exhaust and a flashy paint job.   Not really much more that can be expected.

There are some great transformations in Rodimus.  His legs have special bends in them to fit inside the car body.  The engine that sticks out on the hood fold back in and becomes his chest emblem.

The dark red and neon orange is not the best combination, but there have been worse.  The double bow and arrow is a great weapon that ties in well to the vehicle.

Speed and power.   A good combination.


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