MiniMates to the MAX!!! Elite Heroes are Here!

“Gear Up!” Is what is says on the front of the box, and they are not kidding.  I have never seen so many accessories in any action figure box… ever!!!

Currently there are four sets out.  Two police teams and two fire teams.

Special Ops

Law Enforcement
Fire Fighters
Smoke Jumpers

As you can see, each set comes with two figures.   Not a hard thing  for Art Asylum and Diamond Select to do since the bodies are all the same.   They do give you different accessories, so you end up with two different figures.


Special Ops

The Special Ops team consists of two heavily armed military type men.  Think of SWAT.  Helmets, vests and knee pads for everyone.  In addition the  jaws of life, four handguns, two machine guns, and a shot gun. If you are keeping track, that is 7 guns so far.   The officer that comes in full gear gets an extra hair piece (nice extra).

Law Enforcement

Police with Riot gear, or SWAT as well.  These guys are actually Police as opposed to the Special Ops guys who might be police.   They both come with their police uniform, all the way to their hats.  Extra arms for the change of clothes (Great addition).  This set giving one officer two helmets (movable visor), a riot helmet and a gas mask.   The weapons consist of four hand guns, a shotgun (different from the Special Ops), a rifle, and a grenade launcher.  That is another 7 guns, for a total of 14 guns for four officers.  They are heavily armed.

Fire Fighters

This set comes with gear for the two fire fighters.   Breathing apparatus and mask, jaws of life, fire extinguisher, flash light?, two fire axes and a fireman’s hook.  The fully suited fireman does not come with an extra set of arms, so he is stuck being in full gear.

Smoke Jumpers

Similar clothing as the Fire Fighters, but with a tan scheme.   Different fire hats, the breathing apparatus with different color, two axes, flashlight, fireman’s hook, power saw, and a chainsaw.  I know, a MiniMate chainsaw.  How fun is that?

In addition, the Smoke Jumpers and Fire Fighters sets come with a clear torso to hold the arms on the jacket.   And the Law Enforcement set has a clear torso, waist, and legs for the riot gear.

Tough Guys of the Elite Heroes

When they say "Gear Up," they are not kidding.

Great sets so far.  I am really looking forward to seeing the vehicles we are supposed to get sometime.


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