Quick Pics of the Wolf Hound from the Arctic Assault line of GI Joe

This is a great vehicle with some awesome features.  Big and tough and ready for battle.

*Some assembly required
Wish that track rolled like the new HISS tank
Now THAT is some firepower. On machine guns though. 😦
You can see the plastic molded in two colors for camo
White Out fits inside, even with his hood up. Good Job Hasbro.
Slider launches missiles in sequence. Pretty neat feature.
Wolf Hound with Snow Job in his Arctic gear
Wolf Hound with Ice Dagger and Arctic crew

Another fine vehicle from the guys at Hasbro.  I really like the versatility of this vehicle over the Ice Dagger.  With wheels and treads, it is possible for it to be repainted a new color and be a part of the Jungle crew as well.


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