GI Joe Vehicles – Having the most fun since I was a kid!!!

Okay, to be honest I am having more fun with toys now than I was when I was a kid.  There would be no way my parents would have bought me as many toys as I have now.

One of the best toys are the plethora of GI Joe vehicles that are currently coming out.  Most of them have some sort of interest for me, so I am having to be a bit careful with which toys I get.  There are so many with great features.

Today’s look is at the Ghost Hawk driven by Tomahawk:

It is amazing how small some of the boxes are that are full of vehicle.  They have some pretty snazzy packers.  When Ghost Hawk is unpacked, it does have some assembly required.  In the photo above, I further took it apart to show just how many pieces there are to this thing.

Once finally, fully assembled, this is a tight little vehicle.  It is a one-seater VTOL with a rocket launcher and a gatling gun.  You can see just how short it is, being just about head height to Tomahawk.

On the box they boast that this vehicle takes a strike-force into the jungle.  The only way they are getting in is by holding onto the skid as there is one peg on each side.

One of the detail shots.  One side has a removable panel to show some of the electronics underneath.  A nice little extra that seems to be a standard on most vehicles, and good if you are going to display the vehicle and want to show someone doing something to it.

With Jungle Snake Eyes on the side, you can see just how small this ship looks with people around it.  You can also see the smaller gun mounted to the underside of the skid support.

This is a great little vehicle. Movable pieces, and a lot of room inside to fit the driver.  I don’t think there are any complaints I can think of for this one.


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