Transformer: Bonzaitron, or what is the craziest name we can come up with.

Bonzaitron is one of the newest Transformers in the Voyager Class.  He is big and tough with lots of details and plenty of color.

Being the samurai that he is, Bonzaitron comes with two swords that can be mounted to the side of his body instead of his hidden holsters on his back.

The tank tracks hanging down over his arms, are made of a flexible rubber that allows them to be bent when in vehicle mode.  In this mode, they make for an additional layer of armor.

In his tank mode, he has a lot of color that really allows him to stand out.   The machine gun on the top rotates as does the turret.  And it is quite smooth.

The machine gun needs a little Viagra. It was bent all the way down to the surface of the turret because of the way it was posed in the box.  Hopefully a fix?

Thankfully leaving it overnight in this position seemed to do the trick.

Along with the other recent tanks (and one halftrack), he is the biggest and toughest.  He is also the best so far.   When in vehicle mode, he really stays together well.

Wanna see more?  Visit my Flickr account for more.

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