Post 101

I cannot believe that I have jumped over 100 posts already. I have been enjoying this so much. Getting to take pictures, and get better at it as I go.

Getting to stretch the writing part of my brain is a plus too. I am used to writing in a private journal that only I can see. That gets to be a bit boring. Not that I get a lot of messages back from people, but 65 out of 100 posts is not bad. Thanks Bluedrakon, you are my most common commenter.

There are so many fun toys coming out right now, that I can’t keep up with it. I am really looking to expand my collection into other areas. I do enjoy the toy world at large, and would really like to move away from the standard Transformers and GI Joe. It gets hard to talk about the same things over and over… though since I have been writing in this blog, I have been noticing standards and similarities more, which is fun.

Hope you have been enjoying this blog. If this is your first visit, stay a while and glance back through some of the toys that have come out in the past few months. Enjoy!


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