New Power Core Combiners Transformers are showing up

I was really excited when I saw Icepick with his little sidekick Chainclaw back when they were announcing the new PCC figures.   They are both new molds for this wave, and they do not disappoint.

Icepick is a tough looking guy.  Strong legs,  big shoulders, claws for hands.   Chainclaw matches with strong squared legs.  He does not have any weapons in this mode which might be a bit of a disadvantage for him.

Chainclaw becomes an 8-rocket, rocket launcher.   He fits onto Icepick’s shoulder.

Generally the combiners have a place on their chests to attach their little minion to help them with some Power-Up armor.   This one is no different… but I do question the result.  This one seems more like an after thought of, “Sure, let’s throw him on  here like…this.”  He is not really good armor, and does not really fold up into anything useful or nice looking.   There are many other smaller robots that fold up much better.

In vehicle mode, Icepick is a menacing… snowplow.  Okay, so that does not sound very devastating, but what if we attach a rocket launcher:

Now that looks like a Decepticon vehicle we can get behind.

And of course, Icepick can combine with drones to make a sizable enemy for the Autobot forces.  The head of the Commander version of Icepick is really cool looking.  It is kind of like his head has exploded in shards of ice.  He is pretty sturdy, but gets a little top heavy when Chainclaw is attached to the top.

In all, another good figure in the Power Core Combiners line.  A good robot that makes into a nice vehicle.  Can’t ask for much more than that.


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