Transformers fans get ready for the new incoming lines.

First off, in October we finally get Highbrow.  This is the figure I have been most anticipating for a LONG time!

Then in November we get the Deluxe Wave 5.   Including Fallback, Mindset (Generation 2), Special Ops Jazz (Generation 1), Turbo Tracks (Generation 1).

With this wide variety of figures, I would have expected this to be under the Generations line, not the Hunt line.   But either way, this looks to be a fun  set of figures for Wave 5.

Then in December… a dramatic pause for effect…   The triumphant return of a fan favorite (as well as one of mine) Rodimus, in a two-pack featuring Rodimus and Cyclonus.  And is that the Matrix of Leadership I see?  Why yes it is.

You know a guy is cool when even his weapon is a little robot.   You go Cyclonus.

I love getting to see pictures like these.  It just gets me so excited about the next hunt.   And the wave 4 hunt has not even started in earnest yet.


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