More of those Pesky Iron Man 2 figures

They are coming out in little pieces.  Strangely enough, I am seeing them at Wal-Mart more than anywhere else.

There are two drones and two Armor figures.   The drones are pretty good looking.  They are the Weapon Assault Drone and the Air Assault Drone:

Weapon Assault Drone with Extra Parts

Air Assault Drone

Both of these guys are BIG!   They stand a little over a head taller than Iron Man, and they are though looking.    The paint on both is good.   The Weapon Assault Drone has a great Green/Silver combination that has the look of modern warfare, while the Air Assault Drone is colored similar to War Machine.

The Weapon Assault Drone has changeable arm weapons as well as flip-up shields.   This is a bit of a let-down since there is no swivel in the shoulder, so the shield is not of much use.  The Air Assault Drone has a removable backpack.

To see more pics of them, click on either picture.

Fusion Armor:

There is not a lot to say about the Fusion Armor.  Basically an armor that is supposed to be able to consume light and be able to fire a laser from anywhere on the body.    That does not make for a fun toy with much going on.    The colors are bland with a two-toned blue.   Looks like any number of the previous blue Iron Men we saw already.

Ultimate Armor:

Colored to look like the Ultimate Iron Man comic design.  The colors work fine, but there are so many of them.  Two silver colors, gold, and red (more of a magenta on his arms).

Now for the problem with this one:

Look at the knees.  Iron Man is knocked-kneed.    This is one of the cases where the packaging is destroying the toy.  Posing figures is a hazard to their health.   Boo!   If anyone knows how to fix this, I am all ears.

Overall, some nice new figures.  I am liking the drones.  Big and menacing.   Gotta get the other ones soon.  There is a three pack from Toys R Us with Army style drones, and there is a three pack from either Target or Wal-Mart with another type of drone.     The hunt never ends.  🙂


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