Iron Man 2 – New Figures

We are finally getting the new figures for Iron Man 2.  If you followed the press, Hasbro said it would be coming in a few waves, the first part coming with the initial release of the movie, and the second part coming with the release of the DVD.  Well, the DVD is here, and so are… a few of the figures.  Mostly high numbered figures.  We are still missing a whole bunch of figures in the middle of the entire line, but I can wait…. patiently…. for a little while.

Hulkbuster Iron Man:

One of the Iron Man figures that seems to be most sought after in any of the Marvel lines.   I still can’t find the Hulkbuster from the MiniMates line.  😦

This is a great figure.  There are so many little details, especially on the back.

He has great little jets sticking out the back to give just a touch of a third color from the normal red and gold.   The red is such a nice dark color.  To be menacing and tough but still Iron Man.  The paint is applied very well, no problems that I could see.

I was surprised to see how flexible Hulkbuster is.   Double joints in the knees.  Typical shoulder, elbow, wrist.  Even the head swivels side to side (no neck for up and down movement).   The shoulder armor does get in the way to allow the arms to move up too high, but that is not too much of a problem.   These bulky armors are not supposed to have too much movement anyway.

Hulkbuster doing what he is supposed to be doing. Busting Hulk.

Silver Centurion:

The Silver Centurion is a pretty basic figure.   It does not have too many details.  He does come with a blast attachment coming out of his arm.

The backpack that goes all the way around to his front is not really the right color.  It is a bit lighter and clearly molded in color, not painted.  It is a bit of a letdown.  With very basic details, something like this sticks out.

Arctic Armor Iron Man:

He has a cool blue/purple color with silver accents.  Not really what I would think of for the Arctic.  I guess none of Tony’s armor is made to be camo colored, so why start here?     I was a bit surprised that the armor was so thin.  In the 6in line figure, they made the Arctic version of the armor very bulky.

He does pack a lot of details.   The armor looks to be a mix of a lot of different armors.   He is very flexible, and has a chilling blast of some sort.

I had to add this in.   The neck actually bends back far enough so he can be in a flying position and be able to look forward.  A very nice detail not available with many of the Iron Man figures.   I would like to see this kind of neck being utilized on more of the figures Hasbro produces.   I would really liked to have had this on the Jungle-Viper so he could be laying down with his sniper rifle.

In all, more of the same.   Good figures.   Can’t wait to see how the humans turn out.  Hasbro has been a bit hit-and-miss with the human faces in the 3 3/4 scale.  Especially the female faces.  We will just have to wait a little longer to find out.


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