Transformers Masterpiece: Grimlock

This is a fantasticly detailed figure with about everything a person could want in a Transformer.  Unfortunately there is one GIANT problem that is making me get in contact with Hasbro to see if I can get a new one.  Read on to find out.

Grimlock is a BIG BOY!!!   This is an impressively large Transformer.   He has some heft to him, so you know you are not playing with any standard Transformer.

He was a little hard to get a hold of….  well, actually it was really easy.  I had given up on finding him, since I knew they were going to be a Toys R Us exclusive, and I know how hard those kinds of figures could be.  I dropped my wife off for a  day of looking at wedding dresses with her sister whom is getting married next year.    I was not too far from TRU, so I stopped in to see if I could find the new wave of Marvel MiniMates.  Happening down the Transformer aisle, I caught a sparkle in the corner of my eye.  It was all of the chrome this guy is sporting.

He is so well made.  He looks just like his G1 stylings, but with a bit more in the articulation department… and being what 3 times bigger?   He has one hand that can open and one that has a hole for the post of the gun or sword.

Here he is with Cybertronian Optimus Prime.  They have not met at this time of course, but Optimus was still sitting on my desk, and has not found a home of his own.  And since they were friends and sometimes butted heads over who was the boss, I thought it was a perfect example of size difference.   You can see, he is BIG!!!

In robot mode, you can see Optimus only comes up to Grimlock’s waist.  Here he is holding his three accessories, sword, gun, and crown.   He is of course the king of the Dinobots.  🙂

Here you can see the two visors of Grimlock.  There is a switch in the back that you can push down and it changes his visor color from red to blue.  This is a great little feature.

In his T-Rex mode, he looks great.  He has a lot of articulation in his legs, tail, neck, mouth, and even in his little arms (Shoulder, elbow, and finger movement). There are tons of little details.  Nothing was left out.

He also has a few gimmicks in is dino mode.  If you push down on his back, his legs depress slightly and his head moves up and down.   If you move his tail from side to side, his head also swings side to side.  He has a snapping jaw.  Just open his mouth and then press the side of the jaw (in the picture) and it will close.

Not wanting his dino head to be left out, you can also opt for blue eyes.   The top of his head pulls up from the back, and you can rotate an x shaped swivel in his head.  Two parts of the x have red eyes, and the other two have blue.  A very easy but functional devise.  You can also see his flame thrower inside his mouth.  Another nice little touch.

This is probably one of the more involved transformations I have in my collection.  Everything is made to close up so nice and tight.  You can see in this picture of the inside of Grimmy’s leg that the whole half of his tail is closed up inside itself to make his foot.   This was some really great planning.

So, now to the problem.   Grimlock has electronics in his right arm.   It is supposed to create light in his hand so it can light up the sword or the gun.    Unfortunately it does not work.  I pulled the little slip of plastic to get him going, and nothing.  I thought maybe it was due to the batteries being dead, so I changed them.  Nope.   Dead as a door nail.

I have contacted Hasbro to see if they can tell me how I can get a replacement figure.  Since it is SO hard to find, returning it to the store will all but guarantee that I will never see one again.


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