Transformers Generations: Megatron and Soundwave

It is so much fun to see figures come out so close to the release of the War for Cybertron video game.  I have yet to play the game, but the figures sure are nice.   Today I am going to look at the other two figures.  In a previous wave we were treated to the Autobots, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.  Now we get the Decepticons.  More specifically the Cybertronian versions of Megatron and Soundwave.

Thank goodness the packaging is different for the Generations line since there are a lot of movie line figures still on the pegs, and they run the same colors on the packaging.   It is also different from the Hunt for the Decepticons line that has a yellow scheme to it.

On first impression, they are well designed.   Both figures look like their G1 counterpart. which is nice to see.   Now let’s delve into these figures to see what is going on in the packaging.


Soundwave is a nice and sturdy guy.  If you have read one of my posts before, you know I am a fan of  the big feet that help these guys stand strong.   Soundwave is one of those guys.   He has fairly normal humanoid feet.  Different than most of the bulky feet we see on the TF figures, but it works for him.

I think the two features that most identify Soundwave are his shoulder mounted cannon, and his gold-rimmed opening chest.  Having that cannon right next to the single eye lense really gives him that classic look.

We are graced with the opening front in this figure too.  This time, not for holding cassettes, but for holding his weapons.

I am not sure why Soundwave would want to store his weapons, but it is a nice feature choice for him that most Transformers don’t get.   Maybe it is for when he has to go to court for his wrong doings.  🙂

The weapons when stored, stay in place well.  The door holds it all together very well.  The handgun looks like a battery.

In his vehicle mode, Soundwave looks like a Hummer from Hell.   With that tough front end, an hard body shell, it looks like he could take quite a bashing and still keep going.    The light purple highlights are great.   It gives him a sense of glowing.

He looks good with his weapons on too.  They slide into holes in the side of the body that are pretty well hidden and don’t detract from the design of they are not attached.

The front, again, is able to open.  It is not quite as cool in this mode since the spikes on the front of the vehicle have to be folded under to make the door be able to open.

In all this is a great vehicle.  They have done a really good design on this one.  Finally Soundwave does not have to shrink down to a reasonable size to become his vehicle mode.

I am really glad I was able to get my hands on this one.  As more people start to see him and play with him, they are going to find this to be one of the best of the year so far.   There are of course a lot more to come.


What can I say?  It looks like Megatron.  Pretty similar in appearance to his Animated stylings, but fine with me since I was one of the people that actually liked the show.  He has his trademark helmet and giant arm cannon.  Add in the proper color scheme, and you have… well Megatron.

And ten there is his vehicle mode.   A tank sort of thing.   I don’t know about this one.  Poor Megatron always seems to get the blobby sort of transformation when it comes to his Cybertronian stylings.    After they got away from the whole giant robot turning into a little gun sort of thing, Hasbro has not been able to come up with a great transformation for Megatron.

I don’t know if “hover mode” is a part of the game or not, but it seems a bit hokey to me.  Just fold under the tracks and he is in hover mode.   I don’t know why he would need two transportation modes.

A good bunch of figures so far.  I would LOVE to see more.   I still think they should have made Bumblebee a little smaller than the rest, but a little error on their part.  Definitely well designed, well executed, and well built.   I hope this is the trend that will lead to a new line of figures based on the new TV show coming up.


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