Snow Job – One of GI Joe’s dirtiest names. ;)

He may have one of the dirtiest names on the Joe team, but boy does Snow Job come with a ton of accessories.   He is constructed well in the very articulate style we see now in the Joe line.

Look at the size of those skis and the size of that gun.   You can tell Snow Job is out to hunt down Cobra, and he is not afraid to do it on his own.  With his backpack full of everything from fuel to a camping lantern.  He is geared to go!

You can see his backpack has everything but the kitchen sink.  And it all attaches on there somewhere.  Very well done on the backpack, including an extra long post to connect it to his back, through his big parka.

Everything has it’s place.   Very nice design to be sure.   It makes me want to go out and get the new snow vehicle.


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