I would not want Ironhide hunting for me

Take a big, tough robot, give him the personality of Dirty Harry, and then strap giant guns to both of his arms.  Add in a gravely voice and you have the movie version of Ironhide.   His movie vehicle version is quite a change from the minivan that we saw in the 80s.  It is no less useful being a truck as we saw in the Rise of the Fallen.   He carried a number of troops in his bed in the opening attack sequence of the movie.

His truck mode is a very tough looking GMC.  Quad-cab, raised off the ground, and stack exhaust are only a few of the modifications that give this truck a look that matches the robot.  Of course adding in a dual cannon to the back is a good add-on.

It is a nice feature that the cannon can be set on the ground on a tripod.   That makes the weapon nice and versatile.  Even without the cannon, he is a mean lookin’ truck.   The only drawback, similar to Bumblebee, is the feet being very apparent under the back end of the truck.  It does add a bit of heft to the overall look of the vehicle, and I would rather have big feet on the robot instead of smaller feet hidden on the truck.

The cannon mounts on one arm, under the door.    The other arm sports a multi barreled cannon.   Definitely the firepower we expect from the movie version of Ironhide.  I am happy with the way they were able to close in the weapons better than the previous version of Ironhide where the guns hung down under the doors.

This is a good figure.  The transformations take a little bit of work.  As with most of the movie versions, the body of the vehicle comes apart into dozens of pieces, and really gets tricky to get back together.  The trickiest of the bunch is stuffing his chest plate back under the hood of the truck with his head.  Another good figure from the Hunt for the Decepticons line.


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