I love Bumblebee in any form

There have been a few Bumblebees over the years.  A VW Beetle, a hatchback, Cybertronian modes, and of course a Camaro.   Today we are looking at the new Battle Blades Bumblebee.  This time, Bumblebee’s variation is in the weapons.

Sorry about the dog butt in the photo. 🙂

He has is famous slide down battle mask, and his arm cannon.  This time we also get treated with a flip-out energy axe.   The mask pulls down.  It is a little tight which is nice.   When deployed, there is a bit of a gap in the front, but a necessary evil.   The cannon is hidden in the arm.   The pod opens in half and then the cannon folds out.   It is nicely hidden when not deployed.    Finally the all new battle axe.   It also folds back into the arm pod.  This one has spring action.  When the button is pushed the axe flips out.  Then the blade has to be opened manually.

His “much less menacing” robot mode.  The figure is really well made.  All of the parts are nice and tight.  He has a very good footprint, allowing a lot of posing potential.  I really like the mix of colors in his robot mode.   It is clear to still see the Camaro, but he has a great robot look to him.

This car has a great design.  I am really happy with the choice.   I think Bumblebee would have looked a bit funny if he were actually a VW in the movies.  As with most of the movie figures, there are a lot of seams where the car comes apart.   I think most of them are really well placed.  He is tricky to get back together since the car body come apart into so many different pieces.

What can I say, that is one mean looking car.   His chest plate sticks out just a little under the front.

I have stated before that I HATE the little feet that so many of the movie figures sport.   Well, here is the drawback of having big feet.   They do stick out under the body of the vehicle.  If I have to see the parts, or have tiny feet, I go with seeing the feet in vehicle mode.   It does not take away too much from the vehicle.

I really like this vehicle.   As posted earlier, I only had the black version of the movie Bumblebee, so I am happy to have the yellow version.   As a lifelong Bumblebee fan, this one does not disappoint.  I just hope he gets his voice so we can hear some of that famous banter that get throughout the rest of the franchise.


2 responses to “I love Bumblebee in any form

  • brianscamaro

    I don’t like what they did with the stripes in the new movie.

  • Carnitas Fever

    I agree that the closer stripes do look better. Can’t have everything. I am just glad that they gave us the concept and worked it so the real car could come out. Competition is a good thing. As a fan of the new Mustang design, I am really happy with what they did for the Camaro, going for that retro look. It is a hot looking car going down the road. Now Chevy needs to match Ford and come out with an engine that is 305hp and gets 31mpg.

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