The Sadness that is the Transformers/Star Wars Crossover Figures

I am a fan of Transformers, as you know.  I am also a fan of Star Wars.   I have quite an extensive collection, though I have not bought much recently as most of it seems to be repaints and such.

Well, as a fan of both, I thought, “What could be better than a Transformer figure of a Star Wars character?”  I decided to pick one up at Toys R Us last week.   Unfortunately I know now why they are warming the pegs.  They are not as good as Transformers, and they look funny as Star Wars.

The figure I bought was the Republic Gunship that turns into a Clone Pilot.

First up, Gunship mode:

This is a decent representation of the Republic Gunship.  There are just too many little things wrong with it that it is not worth the price.    First the doors.   This is a major problem.  You can see in the picture that the doors do not close all the way in the front.   On the cover art, and the back photo of the figure, the doors are only half way down the body.  I guess in the original design it was supposed to look like the doors were open.

When they made the longer doors, they did not add a clip or post or anything that would hold the longer door in place.  Hence the giant gap.

The top guns are the other major problem that really hinder the playability of the vehicle mode.  They come off way too easily.  Instead of using the posts that standard Transformers use, the Crossover figures have a sort of split post that is supposed to keep the pieces in place.    That is not a good design.  IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!

The Clone Pilot Figure:

It seems like the robot mode is secondary, and is so riddled with problems that he is nearly impossible to play with.  #1 for me is the lack of shoulder movement.   He can bend at the elbow, but the shoulders do not rotate.  This guy cannot aim those guns forward in straight arm position.  He can only be posed to shoot from the hip.

In addition, the torso is excessively long, the head is too small, his back is a mish-mash of parts folded, but not stored.   The wings fold back but don’t lock into place.  The guns do not stay in his hands.  And then we are back to those doors.  WAY too big for the figure.  If they folded in half, it would look so much better.

All in all, not the best figure.  I did buy the ARC-170 to Clone Pilot a few years ago, and that figure works much better.  This guy really turned me off from this line of toys though.


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