Halo: Reach, Emile

Today’s look is at the Skull-Faced Emile.

The details are once again up to par with the rest of the McFarlane toy lines.  Emile has a really good amount of articulation.  Most of the joints pivot as well as swivel.  That makes for some good choices in display poses.

His shotgun can be mounted on his back, and both of his shoulder armor pieces are removable.  The paint apps are outstanding, giving even more detail to an already outstanding mold.  The only thing that is a let-down is his not being able to store his knife.  There is a  place on his right shoulder where the knife should be, but it is only for show.

Emile is quite a bit smaller than his tree trunk of a partner Jorge, but that is to be expected when Jorge is  the heavy fire-power team member.  Like I posted earlier, Emile also has a bit of hindrance in movement due to his armor, so there are some poses that are difficult to pull off.

In all, another good figure from the McFarlane Team.  I am definitely interested in getting more of this unique team.   With Halo: Reach bringing in a team with unique abilities, it really does open up the toy line to make a more interesting collection.


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