Halo: Reach, The figures are great!

I don’t have an Xbox, and I have never played Halo, but I am a fan of the McFarlane toy line.   I have quite a few figures from earlier waves, and I thought I would give these figures a once over when they came out in the store.

I was at Toys R Us, and I saw a few hanging on the pegs.   I had seen them being previewed in ToyFare magazine, and thought the one called Jorge looked pretty darn  cool.    Well lucky for me, Jorge was one of the guys hanging there.  After a quick once over, I was hooked.

He is a great looking figure with lots of extra armor, and a great multi-colored scheme.   He comes with a removable backpack, and a BIG gun.  I am a fan of the guys in games that carry around the big guns.  Usually the soft spoken one in the group.

A nice feature is the backpack having the same peg hole as his back does.  This allows his gun to be mounted to the backpack for carrying.   Unfortunately, the pegs don’t fit tight, and both the backpack and the gun easily fall off when being moved or posed.

With the added armor, he does not have quite as good motion in his joints as his Halo predecessors.  He is able to hold some good poses though, and overall feels like a nice strongly built action figure.  He has a good amount of heft to him, and all of the parts move easily.

This is a good figure for action figure fans or Halo fans.  Now I just need to make a friend who will let me play on their XBox.


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