MiniMates continue to get vehicles with the DeLorean

A trip this afternoon to Toys R Us yielded yet another exclusive vehicle from the Art Asylum folks.  This time, they gave us the DeLorean.

The folks at Art Asylum are creating some pretty cute vehicles.  They are much like their character counterparts, displaying a bit of cartoonish fun.   The DeLorean is a squashed down version of the actual car.  It has the famous gull-wing doors, and has plenty of room to seat two.

The car comes with a number of decal stickers complete with everything from front headlights, to interior lights and of course the flux capacitor.  Oh yeah, cannot forget the famous license plate: OUTATIME.

Thank goodness Marty fits well.

Marty comes in his standard wear.  Thought to be a sailor because of his down vest in the first movie, he always seemed to get back to his regular clothes.   A cowboy with tennis shoes?  Haha!!!

It was not until I uploaded the pictures that I noticed Marty's rolled up sleeve had fallen down. DOH!

This is a very fun little vehicle.  It will be a welcome addition to the rest of my MiniMate BTTF collection.   I know there is an alternate version out there where the DeLorean is frosted from time travel, and I think Marty is in his yellow nuclear suit.  Won’t that be a fun one to get.  🙂


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