Transformers – Power Core Combiners 2 Packs

These are the BEST!!!  The 5 packs are good, and the three I have so far are nice and all, but the 2 pack “Commanders” are way better.  So far we have three of them, Searchlight, Huffer, and Smolder.

These three guys are better than the offerings of the 5-packs.  I have to assume it is due to their being sold alone, with their little helper.  They transform better, they look better, and they are tougher.


A twin rotor helicopter in vehicle mode, and a slicer and dicer in robot mode.  He is assisted by Backwind (enter your own joke here).  Backwind has one arm that is a hook, and one that is a gatlin gun.   With the addition of two strong searchlights, he is a good match for his buddy Searchlight.

Searchlight transforms really well.  His arms fold up a-symetrically so the rotors wind up on either end of the helicopter.   His front rotor has four blades while his rear rotor has three blades.  I am not an airplane engineer, but that seems like that might be a little hard to fly.


Huffer makes his return to the front lines.  Still sporting his trademark yellow paint job, he is an updated version of his former Generation 1 glory.   He is now a boss, and come with Caliburst, a mighty looking little guy with a killer gun.

Huffer and Caliburst transform just about as perfectly as they can.  All of Caliburst’s modes are useful and very nice looking.


Apparently a Decepticon with a bad attitude, Smolder is joined by Chopster, a little robot with some big weaponry.

Little Chopster can become an axe, cannon or shield.   Without hands, he instead has two gatlin guns.  Not someone to be messed with.

Smolder is another figure with a great transformation.  Being able to hide most of his robot parts.

I have put pictures of all of the Power Core Combiners in one folder HERE. There you can see all of the transformation modes, plus the three 5 packs.


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