MiniMates expand with the new M.A.X. line

Mobile Action Xtreme – The new line from our friends at Diamond Select and Art Asylum.

We get to see some of their own designs, and are treated first to the Toys R Us Exclusive of the Stealth Jet.

We get a Stealth Jet with a yellow canopy, and a pilot in silver.  What you don’t see right off are all of the goodies hidden inside the box.

We get an additional piece of hardware they call the jet pack, as well as MAX-trix connectors.   I am guessing we will be seeing more of those with other sets.   Basically this is a vehicle version of a MiniMate.   Take the wings off and attach them to the Jet Pack and the pilot can fly that way.   Add in some MAX-trix and you can add the Jet Pack to the plane.

Add in more jets, and you have endless possibilities.  Create a M.A.X. airforce if you want.

The only drawback is the tight cockpit.  It is a bit difficult to get the pilot wedged in there with his big helmet and giant gauntlets.   He will fit though.

A cute little plane.  I am a fan as I have over 1000 other MiniMates, but I don’t know that I would buy multiples of this one.  Maybe different versions.


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