Cobra gains some teeth with the NEW H.I.S.S. Tank

What a fine addition to the Cobra arsenal.   The new Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank is a powerhouse.  It has killer weapons on top, working treads driving the beast, and best of all, the raising function and swivel top.   That is a deadly combination to be sure.

There are mounting ports on the side so different configurations can be made.  If you have multiple vehicles it would be conceivable to give one HISS all of the weapons.

The new treads are very nice.  They look good.  A little hard to roll, but most toys with working treads are this way.   There is a lever on top that allows both weapons to swivel at the same time.

In the front is a nice big cockpit.  No more cramming guys in and trying to make them fit so the canopy can close.  The rear houses a smaller cockpit.  The “gunner” I assume, has to get in upside down, but there is a harness that holds them in place.

The directions are a little funky.  It tells you to put the treads on the chassis and the body on the chassis, but then you are left on your own to get the rest of the parts figured out.  The guns are pretty easy, but there are some hoses and a bumper that are a little tricker to place.

When all is said and done, this is one great vehicle.   Adding a Tank Driver in the classic blue and red, and we are good to go.    COOOOOOOOOOOBRAAAAAAAAA!

All of my pics here  –>


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