The Decepticons Rule the Air

As they continue to roll out, Hasbro is coming up with some great vehicles and robots.  From the Generations line we have Thrust.   Much like his other G1 jet counterpart brethren, but with some added power from external wing jets.  Also is Jetblade, from the Hunt for the Decpticons line.   A repaint of Dirge from the Revenge of the Fallen line, but with a way cooler name.


This is a very nice looking vehicle.   As with most of the Transformer jets, the missile launchers are way out of proportion.   This is technically a movie figure, which I tend to have a bit of a problem with.   Usually in the feet department.   In this case, Jetblade has very nice transforming, and he can stand easily on his two well proportioned feet.  In addition, Jetblade has actual landing gear that can  be raised and lowered.  Something we don’t get with the G1 figures too often.

He has a good stance, wings off the legs like the G1 counterparts, arm mounted rockets, and has his telltale pointy head.  He is a tough looking guy, even with the baby blue and purple color design.


A fitting name for a Decepticon that looks very similar to his other airplane teammates, but with the addition of two thrusters.  They can be mounted on top of the wings, under the wings, or under the rear stabilizers.   A classic designed Decepticon, with a killer paint job.  The chardonnay color with the dark gray and white make for a very unique design.

In his robot mode, this pointy-head has the great arm mounted missile launchers, but has the added thrusters to give him a little something extra. Gold highlights really add to his stylings.

I like that these two came out at the same time.   It is fun to look at them side by side and see what the designers did with the movie version of Jetblade to relate him to the G1 versions of the jets.  Standing next to one another, it is clear to see the resemblance.

Both are fun figures, easy to transform, with a little more spinning and folding for Jetblade.  Definitely two smaller must-haves for a Transformer collector.


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