Transformers being Resurrected

The new series of Hunt for the Decepticons is in full swing.   New two packs are showing up in stores now.   Typically they are just repaints of previous vehicles.  Some of them are really bad repaints at that.   The new Bumblebee is yellow and blue.   Others are also out of the ordinary.  They are based on the movie figures.  Not your cup of tea?  Check out the Generations line based on the G1 figures.

Today is a look at the High-speed Spy Battle.   This is a two-pack (technically a three-pack) that consists of the team of Skids and Mudflap against Sideways.   You remember Sideways don’t you?   He was the Audi that was cut in half by Sideswipe in Rise of the Fallen.

The story goes that Sideways was reassembled and is causing havoc all around.   Skids and Mudflap are on a mission to track him down.   Back in their best vehicle mode, the two part ice cream truck.

Skids and Mudflap

The twins are a couple of funny looking dudes.  I am more of a fan of their vehicle mode.  Unique as a vehicle that requires both parts to complete the vehicle.  We have seen many Transformers that combine in vehicle mode, but not too often that both parts are needed to make the vehicle.

Skids (the little one) has tinsy feet.   Too small in my opinion.   While Mudflap has giant feet.   They both have one big hand and one small hand.  Just a weird combination of parts.  It is easy to see why they were excited for an up grade in Revenge of the Fallen.


His vehicle mode is nice.   An Audi, in silver with red windows.  He has a fun feature of pushing the front grille to get the transformation started.  The front wheels fold in, and his chest becomes exposed.

His robot mode is where I loose the enjoyment.  He is SO top heavy and has spindly little legs.  Not to mention tiny little feet.   How is this guy supposed to support himself with feet like this?  It was hard to get him to stand for the picture.
In all, nothing new here.   I got the set since I wanted Skids and Mudflap in their ice cream truck vehicle modes.  There are much better figures out there right now.


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