The Hunt is On!!!

The new line of Transformers, The Hunt for the Decepticons is starting to hit the stores.   There are three big guys coming out right away.  To see how good these robots are, I picked up the most interesting vehicle mode of the three, Sea Spray.

He is a hover craft transport, and transforms into a scuba diver.


In his robot mode, he can carry the two guns mounted on his arms.  They either go in holes on his arm, where they are located in the vehicle mode, or they can be held in his hands.

There are a few features that really bring out a unique quality in Sea Spray.   First off, that he is a scuba diver.  His head has breathing tubes and a mask.   His head can also tilt up.  Since he uses his fans to propel him through the water, it would be lame if he could only look straight ahead.  So, he was given neck articulation.  Pretty sweet.

Since he is a diver, he also has hidden scuba fins under his feet that flip out when it is time for water activities.

This is a well designed figure that stands well on his own.  He has some great features to set him apart from his Cybertronian brethren.  He is a lot of fun to transform and has a bunch of little fold down panels to give him clean lines as a robot.

Overall, a good first figure for this new wave.  Can’t wait to get more.  Coming up next, the new Generations line is coming out, and hitting stores now.   This could be the best bunch of Transformers ever!


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