At Long Last: The Hobby Room!

Ta-Da!   The interior of the hobby room is built and put together enough to show pictures.   I am really excited about how it turned out.  It is packed from the ceiling to the floor with all of my toys…  okay, not ALL.  Many are going to need to be stored.  Luckily, I have a plan.  I am going to rotate the toys so I can have a museum style system where I change them out every so often and then I get to see all of my stuff.

My homemade book shelf.

Cabinet from IKEA

Three glass display cases lit with LED strips at the top.

One of my favorite pieces of art, drawn for me by comic artist Terry Dodson.

Legos, Legos, everywhere... too many to display.

Minimates. This took forever to set-up. The display was built from scraps around the house.

Finally, I get to display my models that I build in college. Happy to have room to get back to the hobby now.

Of course there are more pictures.  There are a lot of detail shots, and descriptions of what you are looking at on my Flikr account.  Click to be taken to the set.


One response to “At Long Last: The Hobby Room!

  • bluedrakon

    You sure filled that up pretty fast. Seems you have a nice eclectic collection of toys. I am also an artwork collector an know that the Terry Dodson is a great little piece to own.

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