Wave 12 – All Figures


Originally uploaded by Carnitas Fever

This is an important wave as it is the first wave I have actually opened from the DCUC. As a purist, I want them out of the packaging, but as I have been working on my hobby room, I did not have a place for them, so it was better that they stay packaged for a while.

On my Flickr account, you can see all of the characters and the body parts that came with each. Darkseid is a very cool character when finished. His parts are so big, and really does create an imposing obstacle for Superman. Ironically this wave did not come with a Superman. We did get a Desaad, who is Darkseid’s go-to guy, but not the best character in the DC Universe.

The last figure I was looking for in this wave was Mary Baston. I had found her at a Walmart a long while back, but as I was about to leave to toy aisle, I noticed that the rest of the package was empty. Someone had taken out Darkseid’s torso and resealed the box. Not cool!

Anyway, now the set is complete.


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