My Life in Sleep Deprivation

Summer should be a great time of the year where I get to sleep in for as long as I want. Nope, not on this Saturday morning.
I awoke to a loud grinding, banging noise. It was our freezer. During our recent trip camping, the freezer continued to create ice like it is supposed to. Unfortunately, when it was supposed to be done making the ice, the lever that tells the ice maker to stop got stuck in the open position.

The water continued to run, and ran down the back of the freezer wall, covering the fan with ice. The frozen fan kept trying to work as it collected ice. Note, the banging, crashing noise.

I had to use a hair dryer and defrost the freezer so I could get rid of all of the ice.

I am so tired of this machine. If you ever have the chance, do not buy Hot Point! DO NOT BUY HOT POINT!!!! It is an off shoot of General Electric, and it is a terrible product line.

From what I know, they used to be good, but we have a refrigerator, that is loud, a microwave that buzzes after it finishes running, an oven that continuously burns the bottom of everything, and a dishwasher that cannot clean dishes unless we scrub it clean first.

I am a toy collector and blogger, not a consumer reporter, but I thought I would throw this little tidbit out there for anyone who feels the need for a new appliance.


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