My Life in Storage Hell!

As many of you who have been on my blog know, I am in the middle of a remodel of an old shed I have in the back yard.  I guess it is not so much a remodel as it was a tear down and rebuild from scratch.  None-the-less, I am getting to the end of cubbies around the house to stick stuff.  Note exhibit A:

Under the desk in the bedroom

I  have a number of these around the house.  This one happens to be Iron Man 2 and GI Joe.   Believe me, I am a toy purist.  Out of the box is my motto, but I was really hoping to get the hobby room finished before I went through and got rid of all of the boxes.

Thankfully, as of 11:20 yesterday afternoon, I am on summer vacation from work for two months.  With any luck, I will be getting the hobby room ready to move into in the next few weeks, with a last bit of sanding, texturing, and a bit of paint, and I think I will be ready to move in.   I do have some special projects for the hobby room, but those I will share as they come up.  For now, I have to know who feels my pain and REALLY is running out of room?

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