My Life in Surprise (Iron Man 2)

It was only a few hours after I wrote about the lack of new Iron Man 2 figures.  When I got done with work, I figured I would take off on a little Friday journey to see what I can find.  Low and behold, on a peg at a TRU, I found three figures I have been waiting for:

#13 Inferno Mission Armor, #29 Guardsman, and #31 Titanium Man.    It is strange that he three I found were odd numbered, but maybe that is just strange to me.  🙂

Now I am only missing the middle bunch.  I think it is a little strange that they released the first 12 and then skipped the middle 8 and then continued on before skipping a few at the end.  I think Hasbro is out to get us.

I don’t yet know what the middle bunch are going to be, but I know there are going to be some humans in there.  The #27 place is one that I am dying to get my hands on!    I want HULKBUSTER!!!!


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