My Life in the 80’s (thanks to the A-Team Movie)

The return of The A-Team is upon us.  If you have seen the movie trailer… you know the one with the tank falling from the sky and blowing a plane out the that same said sky, then you know this movie is going to be AWESOME!!!!!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a small line of toys was coming out, being produced by Jazwares.  I am not really familiar with the company, but hey!  If they are going to pick up one of the best TV shows of the 80s, then I will have to at least get one of their figures.  I was happening through Target, and stopped to look at the GI Joe figures when a new packaging caught my eye.  It is no van, but I will start with this:

I went with BA.  Come on, you know he was the best character in the series… of course every character was important to the show, and it is team work that really made the show jive, but there is no one more recognizable than Mr. T.   Of course this time around, we get BA in the form of Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson.  I think Rampage is going to fit perfectly into the roll.  He is a whole lot of fun to watch fighting in the UFC, and I think he will do a good job here.

The figure is a fine representation in 3 3/4 scale.  BA is dressed in what we have seen him wear in the movie trailers.   The articulation is okay, giving us only a swivel head.  The shoulder moves in two directions, as does the elbow.  The wrist moves.  The hips are on ball joints for good movement.  The knee bends and twists, giving good movement there, since the pants go all the way down over his boots, restricting the movement there.

He comes with two guns, a hand gun and a machine gun.  These are not the best representations of weapons we have seen, especially with a very fine variety being shown by the folks over at Hasbro producing the GI Joe line.  The guns are a little sparse on details, and the plastic is incredibly soft.

I like the look of his shoulder holster, but it is molded into place, with a gun in the holster.  It would have been nice to see the holster be a separate piece, and the gun be removable from the holster.

I do give the people at Jazwares credit though.  They are running a lot of kid lines, and the only other movie line they have out now is Percy Jackson (awesome movie by the way).  They do not have any need at the time for being able to recast pieces for use else where like the GI Joe line, is it is easy to see why they do not go over the top with accessories.

Overall a good figure.  Maybe BA will go with me when I go see The A-Team on June 11th.


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