MLiS: Transformers Animated Arcee (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Transformers: Animated ran for three seasons from 2007-2009. The show allowed for the production of a great line of action figures with a very unique look. They are designed in the animated style, and they are very accurate looking figures.

Girl action figures are not typically what little boys want to buy when they get action figures. Not so with the collectors. Many who watched the animated series found a love for the smart and quick Arcee. Arcee was only in the show for a mere 4 episodes, but she made her impact. She was voiced by Susan Blu, who was the voice of Arcee in the original series as well, not to mention every major TV cartoon from GI Joe to the Smurfs.

Arcee is a Toys R Us Exclusive, and came out nearly a year after the show was canceled. It is not very often that we get a female version of a toy from a cartoon, and even less common that we would get a figure with a new mold after the show has been canceled. (Of course we did get Black Arachnia a while back)

I was sure that this figure was not going to see the light of day, but a few months ago, there was talk of the figure actually getting the exclusive treatment.

Arcee come in her Cybertron mode, as a rocket car. She comes with two swords that fit into the back end of the car mode.

The car mode has detachable “wings.” You can also see the blue in the back where the swords go into the rear. Only the hilts stick out. The wheels are plastic, held in place with metal axles. Not the best design, as they tend to be a little wobbily, but about standard for this line.

When I first started her transformation, it was apparent that there would be a lot of vehicle over her head. I thought she was going to be way too top heavy, but her legs are a great design, and they really hold her in place. She stands with a very firm stance.

Over all this is a very nice figure. She continues the trend of really nice looking figures that fit in well with the styling of the Animated show. It is likely that she is going to be the final character in the Animated line produced, and it is a worthy end to the line, and worth the wait.


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