MLiS: Marvel MiniMates Wave 35 – Iron Man 2

So Shiny!!! These are some really great looking characters this time around. It goes very well with the movie, and really gets some of the key characters and the key moments. I am a little bummed that none of the exclusives or anything else featured the Mark VI armor. I mean come on! The whole movie leads up to that moment.

When I pre-ordered this wave I opted for the standard figures. I did not feel a need to get Happy Hogan. It was the difference of $14 for the chauffeur? Um, I think not. I did however find two Exclusives at Toys R Us, and I was buying a new manga and accidentally came across a Borders Exclusive too. So, with out even breaking a sweat, I have 12 figures. I would really like to get my hands on Justin Hammer and the different drones, but that is for another time. 🙂

Without further ado, the pictures: (I will leave the boxes out of this post, but the pictures produced are top notch, so check them out on my Flickr Account).

Mark IV and Whiplash

Mark V (Suitcase Armor) and War Machine

Hammer Drone and Pepper Potts

Senate Hearing Tony Stark and Mark I (TRU Exclusive)

Rhody in Mark II and Black Widow (TRU Exclusive)

Mark IV (hangover) and Battle Damaged Whiplash

We get some nice figures as I said, but we also get some nice alternates as well:

We get Hang Over Tony Stark. Anyone who has seen the movie knows these red sunglasses as the glasses he was wearing the night after his birthday party. You know, where he was so drunk he made pee pee in his armor? Yup, those sunglasses. Guess it is not a very good selling point to call him Hang Over Tony, but we know the truth. A Battle Damaged version for sure.







We are graced this time with four mask-up versions. I have so many helmets and hair and hands I don’t know what to do. 🙂


We also get Tony in a tux, if you are willing to take the time to remove all of the parts of his Mark I armor. Since this is the second Mark I we get (first with the Iron Man 1 wave) then it might be nice to have a tux clad Tony too.






Class Photo

As always, more photos on my Flickr Account——-> HERE!


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