MLiS: Ame-Comi Wonder Woman (version 2)

On Wednesday I was able to get my hands on the two new Ame-Comi figures produced by DC Direct, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl. I will be starting with Wonder Woman, for no better reason than she came out of the bag first. She is the second version of the character, taking a much more artistic approach of the character while the first version was much closer to her current look.

She has the look of Wonder Woman, but this is not the modern Wonder Woman we know. She has been designed in a 40s style and has a bikini of sorts, instead of her trademark corset. No whip this time, instead, hefting a giant battle axe in one hand and the head of Medusa in the other.

She comes with reversible hair which really changes the character. The version with her hair blowing up is the standard we have seen for months and months. When I got to the store, I was a little shocked by the hair being down. I quickly flipped to the back and found that it could be changed.

The photoshoot includes both versions. You be the judge. It is very interesting that the same piece of hair can really make her look different. With her hair up, it looks more mystical, as if she had just cut off Medusa’s head. While in the hair-down version she looks like she just climbed out of a pool of water.

The sculpt is very nice, and for those of us with multiple Ame-Comi, it is a nice variation from the other figures, and very different from the first version of Wonder Woman.

She was a lot of fun to photograph, and I have uploaded a lot of photos on my Flickr account, so click HERE to go to the set and see all of the pictures. I promise you will not be disappointed. Just remember to come back again for the look at Wonder Girl.

In case you missed it above, there are a lot more pictures HERE.


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