MLiS: 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Baroness Exclusive 12in. Figure

Unlike this year, last year I was not able to go down to San Diego for Comic-Con. I saw the Baroness at a toy show, but did not get her when I had the chance. Luckily I did find her when I went up to San Francisco for WonderCon a few weeks back.

The only part of her that stands out as something different than any other figure is her head sculpt. The rest of her body is a fairly non-descript female body. If I knew more about the 12in. figures, I could probably tell a few figures who share the body.

She comes in a black snake-skin textured box with the Cobra emblem on top and “Baroness” on the bottom, with silhouettes of her hand guns on either side.

Inside, we get a view of the Baroness in her black-clad glory, sporting her machine gun, flanked by her two hand guns we see in the movie. On the “door” of the box we get a propaganda poster for joining Cobra, dated for Comic-Con. There is a clear plastic molded sheet behind the Baroness to protect her from the red flocking on her background. It can be messy, and there were a few places where her clothes touched the red, and have spots that don’t come off.

This is a very good likeness of Sienna Miller. They made a very good face mold, and they chose a body type that is a very good fit as well.

This picture shows her in her body suit that comes under the trench coat. It is a leather material on the top part, and tights on the bottom. Her shoes are also removable. The outfit is all held together with velcro.

This is a good figure, and will make a great display piece in my hobby room.

More pictures on my Flickr site.

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