MLiS: Hobby Room Outside Complete! (Pictures)

After a long week, I finally was able to say goodbye to my dad this morning.  We had cold rain, and hot sun, but we triumphed and got the outside of the building done.  Here it is:

It has turned out to be quite a cute little building.  It is almost a square, but with the peaked roof, and the nice siding, thankfully it does not look like a box. 🙂

Here is a look at the inside of the building.  It only has one piece of drywall up since my dad wanted to get that one up before he left so he could wire up the one set of wall switches.

This is one of the great features of the building.  There are four switches.  Three turn on different banks of lights.  One switch for the three lights in the middle of the room.  One switch for the lights over my desk.  One switch for the lights over my wife’s desk.  The fourth switch turn on tow of the outlet plugs which will be for display cases.  🙂

One other nice feature we built in was a skylight.  It will give some nice light during the day, so we will not waste electricity, but it is opaque so it will not get direct sunlight into the building.  My toys will thank me.  🙂

Up Next: Drywall.  We have to get the building insulated, and then get the drywall on the ceiling and walls.  A few coats of paint, and a few details, and then I will be able to start looking for stuff to fill this place.  I know already I am going to Ikea to get some of their nice glass display cases. (Thank you Bluedrakon, I will remember to get an assistant to put them together.

I guess I will look at Ikea for a desk too.  I have been using a drafting table for the better part of 15 years, but it is too big for this place.  Time to downscale.

If anybody has any good ideas let me know.  This place is a blank canvas as of now!


2 responses to “MLiS: Hobby Room Outside Complete! (Pictures)

  • bluedrakon

    WOW – that is looking great now that we have pics.

    How is the climate in your area? I hope the weather does not swing too much around. Maybe insulate the walls to keep everything “cool” in the building?

    • Carnitas Fever

      I am definitely going to insulate the building. I am thinking of getting some kind of heater for out there so it will come on if it gets too cold. Luckily, we don’t get too much weather change.

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