My Life Without Pictures (Construction)

Here we are, one day til my dad leaves. We have the outside walls about 1/4 the way done. The roof is 1/4 the way shingled, and most of the power is in. Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures since it was dark by the time we got done working.

Tomorrow is going to be the big day. We are going to get an early start, probably about 7:30, so we can get the roof finished before it gets too hot. We started to hurt the singles as they warmed in the hot sun today.
The walls will be next, which I will work on as my dad buttons up the electricity inside. We actually have the wires run, so now they just need to be connected. Yay!

There is definite progress being made. I am really excited to get this project all finished. I was having trouble sleeping last night, since I was thinking about an idea I have to build a little bookcase into the wall below the window. It will be narrow, to hold my Manga collection, but it will be about 5 feet long, so it should hold many, many of the tiny little books I am addicted to. 🙂


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