My Life Under Construction (Stage 2)

Today was a big building day on the hobby room.  We started the day with little more than the concrete pad, and a LOT of rain.

Clark is my official foreman for the project.  He came out a few times while we were taking cover from the rain in the garage.

This was right near the end of the day.  We had been stopped a dozen times with downpours, but we finally got cranking, and got two walls up.  These were the hard walls.  One has the big window, while the other is for the door.  Tomorrow, we will get the last two walls built, and they will be pretty easy.  No more windows or doors.

By the way, I am the worker on the right.  On his knees, my dad is trying to tighten a bolt that attaches the wall to the ground.  Behind the hobby room to the right, there is our new shed that will hold all of our garden supplies.  We were using the old shed for the garden stuff, but enough of that.  Drawing, art, and toys will abound.  🙂


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