My Life Under Construction (Stage 2)

Well, day one of building is here, and it is raining.  We are in a holding pattern.  I had my $1800 of wood and other supplied delivered to my front driveway yesterday, so now we just need some nice weather tomorrow to get started.

The pad of concrete looks okay, but we will have to fix a little corner that had broken off.  It should be a fairly easy fix we can get started on tomorrow morning.

The first picture is the last day of the old shed about a week ago:

This was a picture taken the next day:

This is pretty much where we are as of today.  The framed in areas in the picture have been filled with concrete, and we have put up a small shed on the back pad for gardening tools.

Tomorrow we will get the concrete fixed, and start building us some walls.  We are going to do the framing on the ground and then lift them into place.  I cannot wait to get it finished so I can get my toys moved in there.  🙂


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