My Life Under Construction (STAGE 1)

In a mere two days from now, the best construction project of my life will begin. In our back yard, we had a 12×11 foot structure that we called “the shed.” It housed all of our garden tools, bikes, and other assorted stuff. As we have progressed on the transformation of our house over the past 5 years, we are finally down to the last project.

This is the best project, and the one that matters most. With the shed being torn down last week, we started STAGE 1 of the rebuilding project, the tear down. The only part of this project that we had someone else handle.

My dad will be coming up this coming week from Central California for STAGE 2, the building of the new structure. He will be here to help frame the building, get a roof on, outside walls, and hopefully some power.

In STAGE 3, my wife and I will be finishing the inside with lighting and paint.

Finally in STAGE 4, I will be taking over 3/4 of the buildings 132 sq. ft. to become my hobby room. I am SO excited for this project. I have toys in the living room, the bedroom, the spare bedroom, the closet, the garage. Anywhere there is a place I have toys stashed. It will be so amazing to have them all in one place together.

This is where I need help! If you know of a good product for display, like shelving or display cases, let me know. I am open to ideas, and really would like some input on how to outfit this building.


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