My Life @ WonderCon

This weekend WonderCon comes back to San Francisco. What a fun time, especially now, as it has begun to grow. This year there are so many more high profile people and activities. It is starting to look like Comic-Con light. You can look at all of the great stuff going on by clicking here.

I am really looking forward to seeing some of the new toys finally on display, though it does not look like we are going to see big names like Hasbro and Mattel. We will get to see the likes of DC, but no Marvel. So we will have to wait and see who will really be showing up.

There are actually going to be some exclusives:

Black Lantern Hal Jordan and White Lantern Sinestro

I will be really excited to get there on Saturday to see what is going on. There are some amazing artists doing talks and signings. One of my all time favorites, Frank Cho, will be there to give a talk. I cannot wait to hear what the Monkey Boy himself has to say. I have been following him since his days on Liberty Meadows, and am really happy with his comic stuff he has been doing as of late.

The artist’s alley is packed full of artist this year. There is such a showing in all areas. Especially with Comic-Con a few months away, this is gearing up to be the start of a great Con season.
Look for more as I tackle the crowds of WonderCon and show you what is going on!


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